Why do we create Brainstorming club?

Welcome to our BREINSTORMING club.

Let's see what BRANSTORM is - it's a method of solving problems or tasks, based on stimulating creative activity.

We created this club to inspire, support, share experiences, teach, develop businesses and take advantage of the creative potential of young entrepreneurs and / or people who only want to get started in business or creative activities.
Our club is a place where you can always learn, find like-minded people, and get support.

Develop your ideas, choose a goal and decide how to achieve it.
For the productive operation of the club, we have created two main events, which we will carry out continuously!


2 breakfasts per month

What is a BUSINESS breakfast?

It is an informal meeting in the breakfast format, which can be attended by anyone.

Meet at breakfast, discuss business and plans.
Jointly discuss ideas to improve a business or tools to implement a particular idea.
This stimulating work inspires and gives confidence and support. And it is very important that here we are expanding our circle of acquaintances, expanding our points of view, and we can obtain the opinions of other professionals about our business.
We are also considering the possibility of providing BOSTON coworking, for the implementation of your idea or cooperation in the future!
We will make our breakfasts on Saturday mornings, twice a month.

The cost of participation in breakfast € 5


1 meetings per month

What is BRAINSTORM - we have already spoken previously.

This is an educational event, built in the form of a conference (talk) with elements of communication. For each talk, a topic is defined (for example: "Does your company need Instagram?" Or "How to create a website", "Why open a channel on YouTube?")
The theme is the core of the conversation on which all communication is built. All meeting attendees participate in the discussion, expressing their opinions and ideas, sharing their experiences. Using business examples or ideas from participants, we will discuss effective tools for different types of businesses.
The main objective of our conferences is the development of the business level in Valencia, the understanding of the current market and the ability to analyze it.
Our conferences aim at development, training, support and, of course, inspiration. Inspiration to create, develop and improve a business!

Do you have questions about our events? Contact us today.

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